So, I am sorry I have delayed so many posts.  You should see all the posts swimming in my head.  It is just very difficult for me to get time to write some days.  I started off this placement with extreme grief about Monkey.  In no way were we really ready for more kids.  I thought we were, but….Or maybe we are ready as it has worked out fine, just had to get over a major road block to do it.

Anyway, it is working out.  The children are awesome and most days with them have been fine.

Ace is 4½ years old.  He has been quite a mystery to me.  He came with extreme delays and some interesting “symptoms” of *something.* He tested MR with hints of this mental issue or that.  I poo-poo’d that idea right away.  Someone mentioned, “maybe autism spectrum” with the reminder that milder forms may look different.  Hmmmm.  That suggestion made me wonder if it is all trauma as we’ve now seen several examples of PTSD that seem like autism in times of stress.  I would guess that coming into care would be a time of stress.  I still haven’t figured it out.  I know that some of his behaviors were learned (and unlearned).  I know that some behaviors (and lack of skills) were due to circumstances.  I know that he is an extremely quick learner if you can find what he needs for you to reach him.  Anyway, so he has been a mystery in terms of what is going on with him.  The psych report done at the children’s shelter is useless.  My agency agrees with my want of a full psychological/developmental assessment by a certain psychologist.  They aren’t so keen on me waiting til August to give the little guy a little more time to settle in, relax, etc.  It’ll also be easier to show the insurance why they should pay again if we wait.

So Ace started preschool last week.  He went only two days and he’ll have two days this week.  Next week, he’ll start Monday, Wednesday, Friday.  He has done well there, is playing with the other children.  We’ll see how it goes.  He likes the duplo blocks the best.  Of course, balls are great.  He was very capable on the playground so I was a bit surprised when he seemed so awkward on the balance bike.  I told him once he can do it “like Swimmer” (with example), I’ll buy him a bike.  He likes the idea of a bike of his own. He is testing a little, just little things, just a “what will happen if” thing.  What will happen if I look at you and push the button on this thing you told me not to touch? But considering how he was when he got here, that is nothing; so we’ll take it 🙂

Champ is a Mini-Ace.  It is really a weird relationship.  It is obvious they’ve relied on each other for protection, comfort, companionship. Of course, that would be normal for brothers close in age anyway; but this is to an extreme.  What we’ve found interesting is that it goes both ways.  In some ways, possibly because Champ is developmentally closer to typical, Champ seems like the big brother.  But then there is the toddler/preschool learning aspect where Champ is following his big brother’s lead.  In many ways, it is very similar to the unhealthy relationship my three had with one another, especially the part where they keep other people out.  One big positive is that they do recognize they are separate people.

Anyway, Champ has really taken to me and I to him.  Honestly, I think he is probably the reason I pushed through at very first.  He’s a beautiful child with the most endearing smile.  We had to work a little to get it at first, but now he regularly uses his cuteness to engage people.  He loves to mini-trampoline (it is a kids’ one with handles).  He mostly stays back and watches people.  He’ll take toys they hand him though.  He likes cars though and will regularly carry one around.  He doesn’t talk much but when he does, it is full understandable sentences.  I think he was honeymooning though as the last couple days, he’s had a lot more tears and behavior.

Then there is The Baby.  She is the sweetest baby ever.  Had I ever had a baby like this, I probably never would have said, “no more babies!”  Seriously.  She’s a good good baby.  She is always checking things out.  She seems wise beyond her years or something.  She draws you in, engages you in conversation and play.  It is really neat.  She does have some stress reactions.  For example, no one else sees how wonderful she is but us.  She goes “flat” for an audience.  For my son?  He’ll lean his head into her and she’ll tap his head with hers.  I was really surprised she learned to do that so young!  She is most attached to me, making it clear she’s not happy if I leave the room (“I’ll be right back.  I’m gonna go get…”).   Oh, and she is addicted to tv.  I have never seen a baby who watches tv! Monkey wouldn’t watch anything on tv except Sparkabilities at 20 months.

She really is delayed.  We have feeding therapy and the developmental specialist currently.  The Dev Spec comes for communication and mobility.  THis week the physical therapist is coming out for an evaluation.  The OT said she didn’t qualify when she was in the children’s shelter, but will come back out in June for another eval.  We also have a private speech and physical therapist coming for evaluations.  We’ll have to choose who does the services depending on availability.  Typically, I choose private because they give significantly more time to us.  However, I’ve been around the block a time or two so can work with her as we’re in this inbetween time.  This past week, I got her to do a “barely-assisted” roll one direction (she can’t do it the other for whatever reason).    Mostly, she is just a happy baby 🙂

So recently, we decided to take the kids fishing when a town not too far away had a fishing event for children.

This is the only thing caught.  It was caught by Ace.


This is my crew.


A local “family” I thought were cute:


We weren’t the biggest family there!


Actually, we weren’t the biggest family anyway though.  First off, my two big kids didn’t go.  Second, when I was registering my crew, the guy told me one lady registered nine children.  I only registered five (the baby didn’t count).

So hopefully I’ll get some of these posts from my head to the blog. I have exciting news about Heidi.  Homeschooling has taken a back burner on my blog but should get more press.  I have three reviews (two for Mosaic Reviews, one just being a product I’m glad I bought) to post soon.  Crossfit and diet have slipped, but…

Of course, blogs have periods of more and less activities as life goes on.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to document a little of it though!  I have rarely wished I didn’t post something.  I’ve often wished I would have recorded X when it happened, especially when it is about kids who then progress to Y.


A few workouts of the week

Sorry I’ve been MIA, but did you notice it became spring outside?  Mostly nice weather and plenty to do!

As I’ve stated before, though I don’t record every work out, I work out four days per week, without fail now.  Wow!  Each time, I realize that this is why I go to the gym.  For example, Monday’s workout was 400m run then 20 burpees, 3 times (was supposed to be 5 times, but I simply am not that cool).  There is NO way I would have finished it at home.  I hurt.  It was hard.  I got worse and worse at it.  I would have just called it a day within the first round at home.  There?  I push myself.  I need the gym, the other people’s support, etc.

On that note, Monday, two women came up to me and gave me compliments!

Other workouts – Tuesday:

Warm-up (3 rounds):

  • Samson stretch
  • 10 push-ups
  • 10 dips
  • 10 squat-hops


  • Run 400m, THEN
  • 30 reps of each: box jumps, pull-ups, over-head squats,
  • 20 reps of each: box jumps, pull-ups, over-head squats,
  • 10 reps of each: box jumps, pull-ups, over-head squats,
  • 5 repsof each: box jumps, pull-ups, over-head squats.

Post Work-Out:

  • Row 1000m (my kids ran/walked 800m instead)

Then I came home, showered, and worked Heidi (engagement, basic commands of sit, down, stand, and crawl)


CrossFit Warm-Up (3 rounds):

  • 10 overhead squats
  • 10 dips
  • 10 pull-ups
  • 10 back ext
  • 5 burpees

CrossFit WOD (3 rounds):

  • Run 400 (but I rowed the 2nd and 3rd rounds)
  • 12 KB Deadlifts
  • 21 box jumps

Post-WOD (supposed to be 3 rounds, but I did one):

  • I skipped the sit-ups on the back ext machine
  • 10 toe-to-bars (but I didn’t get my toes all the way up, of course)
  • 20 sit-ups

I also skipped mobility other than the butterfly stretch.

Just in case anyone reading this thinks that maybe I’m being buffalo’d, it has definitely hit me that just because they name it different things, that it is ALL working out :)

All while enjoying new jeans during the day.  No longer an 18/20.  Now wearing 14!

CrossFit Progress is AWESOME :)

Okay, so I stopped blogging EVERY workout.  I am going 4 days per week, usually taking off Wednesday or Thursday.  My son doesn’t usually take off a weekday.  My daughter usually takes off Wed or Thurs, the opposite of me.

So this weekend, we cleaned out our storage room (the last foster kids had 16 boxes of stuff CPS told us to “do something with” plus all our own stuff, needing to organize kid clothes before we get another child who probably will need clothing, etc).  While doing so, I found my bathing suit.  Of course, I decided that I needed pics to compare with my last swim suit pics.  The difference was absolutely amazing!  I’m so glad I did that!  One day, I’ll post pics; I just want my “current” pic to be half decent first.

Okay, so this morning’s workout showed me some real progress also:

  •  During warm-up, J, the trainer, was so happy we were doing all our pull-ups on the bar.  She didn’t care how many bands it took us to do so!  So my first goal is to get to all 10 without the red band.  Then I’m going to try to drop down to less helpful bands.  It’ll be a long time, I’d guess, til my pull-ups are unassisted.  
  • During the WOD, I did some actual box jumps, not just step-ups, also (the first one holding my daughter’s hands “just in case” to get a feel for it).  Pretty cool, huh?  
  • Post-workout was 1000m row.  I liked that one because I noticed that I now have my time a FULL minute faster!  The first time I remember trying for was 3min 30 seconds per 500m.  As I rowed, I’d try to stay very close to that.  Now I try to stay under 2min 45sec for 500m.  And I did throughout the row!

So progress is good.

I do want to share something to other people who may be obese when they start CrossFit.  I’m not proud of this; but I wish someone would have told me.  However, it is kinda gross, so those of you who have always been decently fit, probably want to stop here and call it a day.

That was your warning.

Stop now if you don’t want or need the “issues of the obese” part of this discussion.

Okay, I’m assuming anyone still reading is duly warned 🙂

So one issue with losing weight is the sag of skin, fat rolls, etc.  It just is a fact of life for those of us who are obese.  It can be worked on naturally, but it’ll take time.  In the meantime, we have these “flaps.”  Sometimes, people with “flaps” find that they have more issues such as yeast growth.  For that, apple cider vinegar and coconut oil are good natural ways to take care of it.

But last week, I had an additional issue.  Getting off the back extension machine, I ripped my skin, under “the womanly pooch” in two places.  I had gotten my “flap” caught on it before, but nothing like this.  It was SO bad.  It really hurt.  I used some ointment on it to help it heal; but I really wanted to find some way not to get caught up on it again.  What I ended up doing was using one of those panty tummy tuckers.  A cheapy one from Walmart will work.  Make sure it is a little tight though.  Anyway, that holds the flap closer to your body.  It also makes it more solid so that you can slide on it rather than getting it hung up on things.

Again, I know it isn’t a nice aspect of the situation to talk about.  However, it is my reality and no doubt is the reality of many other obese people as they start to get more fit.  This is just a fix I found.

Monday, April First

BLAH.  That is how I feel today.  I don’t know what is wrong!

So I woke up about 4:45 with the help of Heidi. I should insert a cute puppy picture here.  It is amazing how fast puppies change!

1364861424-picsayShe actually went back to sleep; but, of course, I needed to potty so couldn’t.  And hubby was in the bathroom getting ready for work; so I had to wait.

I took Heidi outside, read a few things online, then got the kids up to make the 6:30 WOD at the box. I did the warm-up.  It was a basic warm up, no biggie, until the end.  1000m row.  I seriously didn’t think I was going to make it.  Maybe that should have been my first clue something was up.  So we tried our first lifting today.  It went well.  I did the best of the three of us 🙂  I wish I had paid better attention to the weights though.  Maybe I can ask N tomorrow what we did.  The first ones were with no weight.  The second was with weights on the ends.  The third set had tiny weights added too.  I could have done more (more weight and more in number).  But it was probably a good thing we didn’t!  Then we did LifeFit, supposedly doing 4 rounds, 5 if you’re feeling it.  Ha!  Run with a Medicine Ball 100m.  10 pull-ups (we did rows). Med Ball Run 100m. 5 Burpees.  I did two rounds then did the runs without the med ball for the 3rd round.  Then stopped.  I was done.

Anyway, at about 9:30 I went to lie down for an hour.

I took the boys to swim lessons.  They did great!  Swimmer’s backstroke is NICE!  T-lo did a couple cool things also.

When we got home, I made lunch then set them up so I could take a nap.  I woke up, took Tumbler to CrossFit Kids.  When I got home, I got supper started; but all I really wanted to do was go to sleep.  Seriously go to sleep.  So I’m writing this and trying to stay up til 8pm then going to bed.

I figure something is wrong.  I don’t feel sick in any real way, just DEAD tired.

Anyway, the kids have had good and bad days lately.  Tumbler’s bad day was today.  T-lo’s was yesterday.  I’m hoping Swimmer doesn’t go nuts tomorrow.  Well, and hopefully the other two do better also.  Maybe we can plan on the park Wednesday afternoon.  They are getting plenty of physical activity at home and sports and such, but….Oh, that reminds me that I wanted to look up the homeschool day for the other local zoo.  I’ll go do that and go to bed.


The last few days

So, it has been a busy few days.  Maybe I should go backwards in saying what has happened.

So Sunday, my throat was killing me.  I can see how honey and apple cider vinegar *should* help; but I’m not convinced it *did.*  I tried to nap, but my hubby’s snoring and worrying about my ____ (fill in blank after reading about Saturday) didn’t help.

Saturday evening, I took all five kids with me to pick up my new puppy!  A female German Shepherd we’ve named Heidi!  She is precious!  I am absolutely amazed how incredibly smart she is.  She already has the idea of pottying outside.  She went from being dragged by the leash to a pretty good walk for such a little lady.  She is learning what to chew on and what not to (she has a very strong chew need).  During the day, she sleeps in this cubby made by the ottoman and chair pillows.  At night, I used the decorative pillows to help section off a cubby on the bed (with two walls and my body making the other sides). There is some discussion of where she may sleep when she is completely potty trained.  Hmmmm.  I think that if *I* do the work, I get to keep the dog!


Anyway, Heidi was basically an anniversary gift.  My hubby is a bit leery of getting animals due to how things were when he grew up.  Basically, no one wanted to take care of them so didn’t.  He doesn’t want to live in the results as an adult.  Go figure.

Note:  Saturday was our anniversary.  Honestly, we don’t do a whole lot for our anniversary.  We’re glad we’re married; but since we did things in the wrong order (had a couple kids first), there seems little reason to worry about a date a couple years later (we’ve only been legally married 17 years).  We do use it as the base for our family day celebrations.  Since it comes after income tax money gets here and as the whether is changing, it seems a good time for a celebration.  This year, the celebration is April 6th.  We’ve invited family members to join us.  The kids have enjoyed picking out gifts for everyone.

Saturday morning was Tumbler’s second to last competition of the season.  She did very well.  She got the top score for her level (9.3) on vault.  She got the top score for floor (9.4).  Most importantly was that she nailed a certain skill on the bars.  Bars are really hard for her.  I think it is more fear than anything.  At least that is my guess.  Coach thinks after conditioning this summer, she’ll be fine on the bars.  I think so too (if she doesn’t get it before because typically once she decides to, she does well).  Since she hasn’t even been in gymnastics a full year yet, I can’t imagine worrying about too much.  She’s making fine progress, IMO. Anyway, so individually she did well.  Her team took first place 🙂

Wednesday and Friday mornings we did CrossFit, of course. We now usually do the warm up that is posted for everyone.  Friday mornings, that is “active warm up” which everyone does together, not at their own speed.  They have to, of course, be able to warm up even the most fit, so we typically stink at it.  LOL  I did learn from this that I can’t jump AT ALL.  I’m gonna work on that.  They did give me some pointers that helped immediately.  Anyway, workouts…

Friday – Wall Balls (we only had 50 while everyone else had 150), 180 jumprope, 15 dips and 15 pull-ups (they were supposed to be muscle-ups for those who could do those).  Post-WOD was 90 sit-ups (it was 150 for those who could).

Wednesday – Three rounds of Row or Run (we rowed twice and ran the last one), 21 kettlebell swings, and 12 pull-ups.

Oh, at CrossFit Friday, I showed Cliff pics of my progress so far.  He was amazed and showed the other coaches.  He said it isn’t normal to be able to *see* such a big difference so quickly.  Weird.  I about fell over when I saw the tape measure.  Crazy good results.  I’ll post on here after I get down a bit more.  I want my after to be pretty cool before I do, not just good progress.

There was something else I wanted to add; but I don’t remember what.  I’ll add it later if I remember 🙂



Coach Cliff: “I’m not going to take it easy on you anymore.”

Me:  “You call what you were doing taking it easy?!?!?”

Okay so Thursday’s LifeFit:

  • 1200 m row
  • 90 jumprope
  • 800 m row
  • 90 jumprope
  • 400 m row
  • 90 jumprope
  • 200 m row
  • 90 jumprope

I started having to hold back tears within the first couple hundred meters of rowing.  I was really worried I wouldn’t be able to push through.  You know, I used to think that the people on the Biggest Loser show were….something.  I mean, they had time to talk to others, talk to their trainers, etc.  But they choose working out time to break down, cry, quit, etc?  Why?  Now I know.  Seriously.  I can feel fine when I walk into the gym but then get going and feel tearful.  It isn’t until AFTER I’m holding back tears (or crying) that I start thinking about what is making me sad, angry, etc.

Lately, a great deal of it is related to Monkey.  I’m worried sick about her and miss her so incredibly much.  Then add other stressors, life, etc.  YuCK.

Friday we did the active workout with the group.  I really struggled with it.  Did you know I can’t long jump?  Wild.  Well, start at the bottom and enjoy the progress, right? Anyway, then we did the 13.2  with modifications. We did AMRAP in 10 minutes:

  • 5 shoulder to overhead
  • 10 deadlifts
  • 15 box jumps (or step ups in my case)

Now, in 13.2, the majority of people got to do the deadlifts with the same weight as the s-2-o.  This was a good thing for them because it meant a lighter weight than normal for deadlifts.  However, my son, daughter, and I did what we could so we had handweights for overheads and heavier (much heavier) kettlebells for deadlifts.

Monday we did LifeFit:

  • Work for 20 minutes.
  • On even minutes, do 7 pull-ups (I do rowing pull ups on the rings)
  • On odd minutes, do 20 wall balls

Now, we hadn’t done wall balls yet.  Somehow we had skipped that workout.  So we had to learn how.  THat wasn’t too bad the first several times.  We focused on form.  We had fairly light balls (I don’t know what “not light” is).  Anyway, I did very well at first.  Then I started having issues with my left shoulder.  Then my left elbow.  I started paying attention to not throwing my arm, just the ball.  Then my right elbow.  After the next set of pull-ups, I did this wall press with my elbow my physical therapist showed me in 2006.  That worked.  Next set of wall balls felt good.  But the next one I was done.  The last couple of wall ball sets, I did it ball-less.  I really had to still work to not throw my arms locked, hurting them more though.  They hurt for about an hour after I got home and are fine tonight though.  I do plan on discussing the issue with the coach before doing them next time though to see if there is some modification I can use to maximize the exercise while minimizing the issue.  I think, mostly, though, it’s going to take time.  I have very loose joints.  I think I’m just going to have to build the muscles to stabilize them a bit.

And then Tuesday, the warm up was THREE rounds of 10 pushups, 10 situps, 10 squat hops, 10 lunges, 10 back extensions, 10 mountain climbers.  IMO, that is not a warm up, but a workout!  LOL  Anyway, then we had to do five rounds:

  • run to the double white mailboxes (I don’t remember how long that is supposed to be)
  • lunges down the mat and back (about 20)

So I thought I was going to die.  Then I thought I was going to puke.  I did find out that I was doing my lunge walks wrong.  Doing them right is actually MUCH easier in the moment as well as longer term.  I didn’t fall over one time today!  Go figure 🙂

WOD and T-Lo

These two things, today, so seem to go together!

So this morning, we decided to wait til 9am to go to the Box.  The primary reason was so we could finish CrossFit, go to the store quickly, then get to swim lessons.  That way, we made on trip to that town, rather than multiple trips.

So the WOD.  We did what everyone else did today!  Shuttle-Run

Okay, so that may be an overstatement.  We did their warm-up; that was the easy part (though I don’t think I thought that at the time).  THEN, we did the WOD!  Now, I will say that we didn’t look anything like they did.  We used easier weights (kettle balls 35 and 45 pounds instead of bars).  And I can’t run like a normal person, much less a fit normal person.  But for the entire time, I did the deadlifts then the running, slowing down only to get a quick swish of water (I usually use a cough drop or something so my mouth doesn’t get so dry I feel I’m choking; but I forgot this morning).

Sooooooo, we go to the store, got lots of produce, a little meat.  We’ll go later in the week for some more meat.

Then we go to swimming.  T-lo was dancing around something crazy before class.

T-lo pool

As the other class let out, I called him to me and warned him that I expected him to mind and follow the rules, that I *would* pull him out (which he knows as it was this time last year when I had to pull him out because he was just way too dysregulated to handle lessons). After I said it, I wished I had been more positive. It’s just that he is driving me nuts these days with his behaviors and I…I just didn’t feel positive about how he’d do today.

Well, he blew me out of the water.  First, he got a private lesson as the other students didn’t show.  I knew that his friend, T, wouldn’t be there as I had asked his mom at gymnastics Thursday and she said they were taking the week off.  But the other two people didn’t show either.  This was probably extra good for T-lo today.  He wasn’t as distracted and didn’t see other kids pushing limits.  And of course he stayed busy which was nice.

T-lo is a bit “spastic.”  He has very low tone and has some genetic disorder we decided not to pursue (Dr. in genetics department felt it  wouldn’t make a real difference for what we’d do and I went along with not doing further testing though sometimes I wonder if I made the right choice).  Many weeks, both before, and this time around, he would be in the water, held by the instructor with his knees bent so his feet stuck out of the water with little real arm movement and a big toothy “smile.”  He didn’t really do anything.  He wasn’t really able to.

But today was so different.  He swam halfway across the “box” without her holding on.  He floated on his back without her holding on!  And on the last try of rolling from back to front, he made it with little help!  He was excited about getting rings off the bottom of the pool.  He jumped in without hesitating.  Seriously, is this the same kid who was in this class last week?  He was so proud.  He got a ribbon also (we put the ribbons on their doors).

Really neat stuff.

Well, so other things we did today:

  • We forgot the fire marshal was coming to do an inspection that we ended up not needing.  Thankfully, he was running late so called so we had a few minutes to finish up lunch and get the house cleaned up a little.  One thing we teach each child when they come here is that the goal in our home is to have the house within 20 minutes of clean.  We figure anyone that stops in on us doesn’t really care if we are “that messy.”  And anyone else is going to give us 20+ minutes.  So making sure we stay within 20 minutes of clean allows us a lot of freedom and lack of stress.   Today, it took us just under 15 minutes to get done what we wanted to get done.
  • Tumbler went to CrossFit Kids.  They warmed up and then did a similar WOD as we did.  Good.  LOL
  • We made sausage and sweet potato hash for supper.  Tumbler and T-lo both liked it and got a little extra.  Swimmer wasn’t thrilled with it.  Kimber and I both liked it.  John put hot sauce on it and was fine.
  • I let the kids jump off the half-wall in the living room.  Though I told them that we weren’t going to do it when Daddy got home, they, of course, told him first thing and wanted to show him.  I also told them they wouldn’t be doing it if we took anymore foster kids.  We are a bit more careful then.

So it was a full, good day.  I’m going to go to bed early then go work out at 6:30 tomorrow morning.  We’ll have a full school day even though it is spring break.  The speech therapist comes out for T-Lo also.  I want to get a nap as we have the meeting tomorrow night (and John has a part).  This time change is hard on me.  I was ready for bed before the kids went!

Kids and Thursday

Kimber:  Swimmer said not to tell you because you told him not to tell me that you took a drink of my soda.

None of y’all are very good at keeping secrets, at least not the innocent kinds.

Anyway, so Thursday, John and I went to CrossFit. We did our basic warm-up.  John was able to do the pull ups with band help!  YAY! He also did some of the dips with band help.  YAY!  I have to say that the warm-up no longer kicks my booty 🙂

We did the LifeFit WOD (I think it may have been the 8th, but not sure):

  • 12 ball slams
  • 4 shuttle runs
  • 8 ball slams
  • 3 shuttle runs
  • 4 ball slams
  • 2 shuttle runs
  • 30 double-unders (but we don’t know how to do them so just did regular jump)
  • 2 minute rest

Let me say now that we rested more like 3½ minutes at the end and had several 10-30 second seconds through the two rounds of the above.  Though it was much more cardio than I’m used to (stinks, but truth, right?) and was hard in the moment, I actually felt really good leaving the gym.  I also felt like I most certainly could manage our day afterwards (something I don’t always feel, especially on a busy day).

We got home, got ready, and left.

We took John to college.

Then we went to homeschool day at the ZOO!!!!!  YAY!

It was a lot of fun.  The kids did really well. They loved all the animals.  We talked about there are a few ways to get to know God and one of those ways is by observing/experiencing creation.

Favorite animals:

  • Tumbler – flamingo and zebra
  • Swimmer – elephant and crocodile
  • T-lo – hippos and snake
  • Kimber – white tiger
  • Mama – river otters

Here are a few pics of the kids:

20130307_102946-1 20130307_120730-1 (1) photo (4)

photo (3)I put this last because we were walking down this and all of a sudden I hear my five year old say, “more wild animals!” Uh, yeah.  Did you know he could read that?

WODs This Week

So, first thing Monday morning, my oldest two children and I went to CrossFit.  The littles came along (since they can’t very well stay home alone), going into the small playroom our Box has.  They played for a little bit then exercised on their own. After I finished working out, Tumbler showed me “skin the cat” on the rings.  She did it in CrossFit Kids last week.  Swimmer then showed me he could do it (he used to do it at gymnastics). T-lo wanted to do it, but can’t.  I’m wondering why Tumbler did that so easily but can’t do the same movement to get up on the bars at gymnastics (the child is one of the best on her team on floor, beam, and vault; but she still can’t do bars independently. Well, or she won’t).

Okay, so Monday’s WOD was #10:

  • 1000 m Row
  • 70 air squats
  • 60 jump rope
  • 50 walking lunges (aaaccckkkk!)
  • 40 sit-ups
  • 30 kettlebell swings
  • 20 back extentions
  • 10 pull-ups

Yes, I felt it the next day, though generally just one spot was really sore which is good.  Guess I’m getting used to it a little.

So Tuesday was WOD #9:

  • 700 m Row
  • 20 ball slams
  • 10 rope lay-downs (stand at rope, lower yourself to lying down, pull yourself back up…ha!)
  • 20 ball slams
  • 700 m Row

I took Wednesday off again this week.  I’ll go in the morning Thursday and then we have the zoo, crossfit kids, and gymnastics.  I hope I make it through the day!  LOL

I need to figure out my cross fit schedule.  If I can’t do Wednesdays, that is fine.  But when will I go a fourth time since Friday and Saturday mornings are not really options for me?  Maybe I could do Friday evening (our Box has one Friday evening class, none Saturday afternoon/evenings).

WOD #4, skip, WOD #3, WOD #7

So Tuesday, we did WOD #4.  Warm-up is the same as I outlined below.  Then 3 sets (but I only did two) of:

  • 150 jump ropefat jump rope
  • 20 squats
  • 20 kettlebell deadlifts (she said over 45 pounds, but I ended up having to go lower)

I had to keep telling myself that there was no crying in CrossFit.  There isn’t even a Y!  Was it because I found it hard?  Was it the emotional issues of this week?  I don’t know.

Wednesday I skipped.  I was just an emotional wreck and there was NO way.  I had struggled too much the day before.  I certainly couldn’t do Wednesday.

Thursday, we did WOD #3.  Same warm-up then 3 sets of:

  • Row 500 meters
  • 20 box jumps
  • 10 push-ups
  • 10 dips

I felt REALLY good finishing all of WOD #3.  I couldn’t do that the first time I tried.  I *am* getting stronger!  It felt good!

Friday morning, WOD # 7. Same warm up then 2 rounds of:

  • Row 400 meters
  • 25 back extensions (the 2nd time, I did “good mornings” instead)
  • 25 sit ups
  • Row 400 meters
  • 30 kettlebell swings (but I only did 20 each time)

Again, I felt good finishing.  My son (the almost 18yo) and I were the last two people working out which was a little weird; but we finished!

WOD #1

So, we were sick, REALLY sick.  We had done a couple weeks at CrossFit then got sick the day we signed up for good.  Stinks, huh?  Anyway, so we missed a MONTH because of the flu and more.  It was crazy!

So today I went back.  It was the 6:30 am class.  Because it had been so long, they started me over on the beginner’s WODs (workout of the day).

So here is what I did:

Warm Up – 2 sets of:

  • 10 squats
  • 10 sit ups
  • 10 dips (on box as I’m not strong enough to do them right yet)
  • 10 pull ups (on rings.  Again, not strong enough to do real ones yet)
  • 10 back extentions

WOD #1 – 3 Rounds of:

  • 300 m Row
  • 20 KB swings (18 pounds)
  • 20 box jumps (I did step ups though)

I was *really* pukey by the middle of the 2nd round.  And I thought those last box jumps would be the end of me.  But I pushed through.  I was proud that I did.

I called my mom on the way home.  She was getting into her car to go to work.  She was impressed that I was on my way home!  She said she sent an email today.  LOL

A Few Things We Did Today

Okay, things we did outside of school today?

We learned how to do THIS (using our “favorite brushes ever” 🙂 ):

We talked about getting back to CrossFit after our recent illnesses. We are going in the morning! (Now you know part of my secret for the weightloss so far this year 🙂 ).

Don’t know what CrossFit is?  Here is a preview!

ddc_hero pic

BTW, my daughter went to CrossFit Kids and then has to go to gymnastics training (two hours) this evening where they’ve added a bit more conditioning lately.  Nothing like wearing a kid out, huh?

The kids made pictures for each adult in the family.

I started Defensive Driving (and set my hubby up to do his; but he doesn’t know that part yet!).