More Family Nurture Group

So below, I was worried about how superficial it may seem.  But there was actually some good stuff there!

First, please notice that my kids LIKE Family Nurture Group!  They ask about it regularly.  They get excited that we get to do it.  They participate fully.  They like when they get to lead a session or when they get to be the one who is sharing.

But I wanted to share about some of what you see in those videos below (and hopefully it makes enough sense to make a difference).

You see the video where my son is talking about his hurt?  He talks about slicing his finger while cutting watermelon.  My husband was a bit worried about putting that video up.  I mean, who lets their almost 8yo cut watermelon? Not us 🙂  However, just because that was made up doesn’t mean that it was useless.  Actually, what happened was that big sister was cutting up some fruit and sliced her finger. It bled a lot and just wouldn’t quit.  Every time we thought it had quit, it started up again!  It did eventually quit 🙂 So really, he was processing that!   And empathy is a good thing!

And the video of my daughter talking about the cat?  That was the second time it was brought up during FNG.  The first time was during the cards (but my videos were segmented in a way I couldn’t share hers easily).  She picked up the card of the child holding the kitten.  She talked about him being happy to have a kitten.  So then when she said she had a “heart hurt” because daddy said we couldn’t have a kitten (a neighbor has a small litter and we had taken interest in them), she was talking about something real.  And how wonderful that this little girl could express that it was sad she couldn’t have a kitten.  How nice she could express that to her family.  She was a little guarded and was unsure if it was okay (my take on her behavior in the video), but she did it!

I do want to say that normally, the kids don’t sit all bunched up together, but not everyone could be or wanted to be in the video and these three would gladly take center stage to share.  Generally, we have people spread out and try to sit next to different people each time.  That isn’t always easy.  Sometimes it goes better than others.  We just try to push through the awkward or tough times and really focus on the “cool” times.

I chose activities easier to video and especially activities that are done each time.  I’ll try to post more videos at a later date.  Please ask for anything specific you may find helpful as it helps ME to think about such things for us also.


Some Family Nurture Group Videos

Here are a few videos of snippets of our family nurture group a couple weeks ago.  Sorry it took so long to get it up here.

I do want to say that I really am that cheesy.  🙂 And we really do seem a bit fake at this point, not natural.  I’m trying not to judge, just go with the flow 🙂  Hopefully you will not be too distracted by the out-of-camera shot family members, especially the baby 🙂

Okay, so we start with the Rules.  This is Tony leading us in the rules 🙂

Then I led the Skills of Attachment.

Here are a few of the activities we did.  Sometimes, how superficial things are surprises me.  For example, I’m sure you can tell that my boys made up their hurts.  Other times I’m surprised how much *does* come out as the feeling cards and my daughter’s hurt shows.  This was not the case at first, but it starting to show some.

Feeling Cards

Breathing exercises are different each time but fun:

Bandaids are done every time:

I hope that this glimpse into our livingroom was at all helpful.