Pi (π) Day!

So Pi Day is a great day for some neat activities even when kids are young 🙂

First, we need to start with a (gluten free) menu. All the items on the menu must be round.  Now, how round they are depends, of course, and we didn’t go overboard (for example, the veggies in the supper are not also round!).  This is what we decided for this year:IMG_6138

Quiver’s Cinnamon Rolls for breakfast
Cucumber Rounds with Hummus for lunch
Fruit (bananas, pineapple, oranges) cut in circles for snack
Vegan Pot Pie for supper
Chocolate Chip Cookie Ice Cream Pie for dessert

Note: Due to some difficulties with supper, we had dessert before supper!

FullSizeRender (8)So I thought that first we should start with some math, giving them SOME idea (maybe not much at their ages) of what Pi even is.  So we got paper plates, labeled the diameter and radius (and discussing how many of those there are in a circle which is a tough concept for little kids to grasp!).  In the side without the radius, they drew the letter pi.  We put digits of pi around the edge (discussing circumference) and decorated them.

Then, we listened to some stories and songs about Pi on YouTube.  There really are quite a few.  We spent a bit of time with it.  Some was over their heads, but all were fun 🙂  Maybe you’ll enjoy these:

Nine year old and I both learned 25 digits past the decimal because of the song above!

Next, we decided to find our birthdates in Pi and see whose comes up first (and last).  Here is the link so you can try it yourself: http://www.pbs.org/newshour/rundown/find-you-birthday-pi/  Our 7yo’s birthdate is first within the digits of pi.  Our 19yo’s birthdate is last.  The next closest to his was over 117,000 digits before his!  Kinda strange is that their birthdays are only 3 days part.

FullSizeRender (9)Of course, what Pi Day is complete without a circle art project.  Abstract or more realistic, circles are just fun!

And lastly, I challenged my nine year old to writing a story using the digits of pi as the number of letters in each word.  So the first word in the story would have three letters.  The second word of the story would have one.  The third would have four letters.  Alternatively, she could use the digits to decide how many words per sentence.  Wouldn’t it have been neat if I had been smart enough to write this post with one of those patterns?


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