3 Rs

So, many of our materials are staying very similar.  We’ll enjoy some Song School Latin and I really like Elemental Science. There are so many options, really; but we feel good about our choices.

But since my children are so young, outside of spiritual things, we really focus on 3 main areas of instruction, commonly known as The 3 Rs: reading, ‘riting, and ‘rithmetic. Just saying it is very odd that they are called the 3 Rs when two out of three don’t even START with the letter R.  I guess they all have R in them.

Okay, I tend to “overdo” a lot of things.  WHen I say overdo, I don’t mean that I do some extreme amount.  My kids aren’t strapped to desks by any means.  Instead, I mean that I present things in various ways and have them play with them in many other ways.  I want my kids to have a LOT of exposure.

So here are some materials we’re using for each subject:

Maths –

  • Stanford University’s EPGY K-8 math (currently mid-2nd grade, will likely get to 4th this year)
  • MathMammoth (grades 1-3) – review next month!
  • DreamBox Learning (K-2)
  • Easy Peasy All-in-One Homeschool math (GR1, GR2, 1st , 2nd grades)
  • Various videos, online educational games, ipad, manipulatives

Reading (I have one strong reader, one good reader lacking confidence, one ready to put things together, one barely beginning)-

  • AlphaPhonics 
  • BlendPhonics – only for 1st grader at this time though all will sit in
  • Reading Eggs (kid is on map 11 of 12 though he hasn’t done most sight words or spelling exercises)
  • Considering a different reading program for T-Lo
  • Bob Books and Now I’m Reading Books
  • Various videos, online educational games, ipad, etc – review coming at the end of the month!
  • Phoneme connectable blocks
  • Read together and independently A LOT.

Spelling, Writing, Grammar –

  • All About Spelling
  • National Spelling Bee Study Words (starts at 1st grade)
  • Reading Eggs
  • Various websites, ipad and other tablets
  • Correcting words in writing
  • Writing With Ease
  • Cursive writing (mommy made mostly, semi following loops and other groups)
  • Journaling a few times per week (pencil and paper!)
  • I will also have each child capable write down at least one answer per Christian Meeting.

Public Speaking will mostly fall under other subjects, primarily spiritual, at this time.  I’m sure I’ll blog about some of those things as they come up.  In fact, my children have been working on some Bible readings I may add video of soon and one child already did a first “talk” in front of the congregation!

So many things to blog.  Now to find time to do so!


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