This week

So, I have news about Heidi.  She can become a service dog for PTSD!  Our trainer is going to work with us and we’re very excited.  I really think my one child especially is going to really benefit from this!

In other news, Heidi is four months old tomorrow.  Here is her picture from when we first got her:

photo 1

Here is a picture of her today:


Yes, both were in front of the oven.  Can you believe two months makes such a difference?  She’s just growing by leaps and bounds!  She is extra smart also.  SHe started the intermediate class last night.  Instead of loose leash walking, we doing heel.  Step one and two last night.  Step one:  sit next to mom with eyes with my pants seam.  CHECK! She did it immediately.  Step two:  A couple “heel” steps.  She does well for 4 or 5 then gets a bit distracted by the other dogs and such.  Part of that is because turning is tough for her too.  But she’s FOUR MONTHS OLD and getting it.  She also does sit, stand, down, return (for life-saving come…I do use “come on” for minor movements), spin, shake, stay, free, push-ups, watch-me, etc.  She’s been fully potty trained for a full month (which amazes us as we’ve done really poorly at that in the past).

Okay, so other things.  Here are pics of the kids this week  from the field trip and swimming:

20130511_120835 20130511_120926 20130511_120943 20130531_100053-1 20130531_100617(0)-2 20130601_102750-1 20130531_094438


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