Homeschool Days Aren’t All Perfect

So, what do you think of when you think about homeschooling? I have a picture perfect day set out in my head. It includes lots of reading and laughing together. It has us sitting around the wall maps pointing out places and facts about those places. It involves activities such as pretend archaeological digs and making soups people may have made in the 1500s. The daily walk, playing with snails, practicing handstand push-ups, reading about dinosaurs, coloring, writing letters to grandma, and the like are sprinkled through the day. At some point, each child has a short amount of computer time, each having his/her own programs (, EPGY, Reading Eggs, DreamBox, etc)

And many days seem just like that. We have great materials like Elemental Science and Story of the World History that include reading from books, art projects, hands-on activities, even getting a new pet (Elemental Science is why we got Diego and Eeyore, our bettas). I love spending all this time with my children living life, learning in a low-key manner, and soaring.

But sometimes, homeschool days aren’t perfect. Two of my children had a couple rough days a couple weeks ago which made the rest of our homeschooling experience less than wonderful. Getting into things, having attitude problems, intentionally doing work incorrectly (really people?), trying to control things not for them to control, keeping a nose in someone else’s business, etc. It has been an exhausting week.

Of course, even with some behaviors, even school behaviors, we still had nice moments. I’m hoping next week is a picture perfect homeschool week though, one with lots of the good stuff and little, if any, of the yuck.

Today was a great day, an excellent way to finish out a week. After the children were in bed, I texted a friend about how my life, some days, seems about perfect. I have a beautiful large family I can enjoy more often than not. How fortunate I really am!


One thought on “Homeschool Days Aren’t All Perfect

  1. Every day in home school seems to be a perfect day in the long run! I understand and relate to your frustration. I also celebrate with your “perfect days”. The wonderful part of being a home educator is counting all the best days, then you see the little hiccups really aren’t so bad after all. Enjoy your day! 🙂

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