Did I tell you?

So several weeks ago, we were at gymnastics, where we send way too much time (the hazards of having a competitive gymnast).  My son was playing with a few other kids.  Towards the end of class, one of the little girls (age 9) comes up to her mom and whispers in her ear.  The mom says something that suggests to me that T-lo may have done something.  I ask.  The mom tries to minimize it but says that T-lo bit her daughter.

SAY WHAT?!?!!  My almost FIVE year old bit someone?  What on earth????

I called T-lo over to me.  He knew, right away he was in trouble.  He admits he bit her.  In a quite exasperated voice, I ask, “WHY on earth would you bite B?”  1 mess of a kid

“I really like pink.”

I had a slight giggle as B’s mom turns away from T-lo cracking up.  I compose myself quickly.

“Look!  You made A cry because you bit B!”

A was *not* making it easy for me not to laugh too.  Seriously, what kind of reason is that?

I had T-lo apologize and sent him on his way.

A turns and says, “he was just so sincere.”

Now it is a little joke that T-lo may bite you if you’re wearing pink.


In other news, he’s picking up his phonics and sight words.  Yes, we homeschool AND learn high frequency words though we don’t consider some of them sight words like schools do.  For example, “am” is not a sight word.  Other high frequency words that aren’t sight words include that, but, make, first, and down, to name a few.  For words like those, we simply discuss the rule.  They’ll eventually get them from exposure, discussion, or phonics.  I’m fine with that.  I’d rather them become stronger readers than doing it earlier.  I noticed working in the public school that the kindergartners seemed more capable than I’d expect, but that that 3rd graders (and especially 11th graders) were significantly less capable of reading well than I’d expect.  I really believe that is because kids aren’t getting a firm foundation.   So we focus on phonics.


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