Bluebonnet Pics 2013

So Friday we took the kids out locally for bluebonnet pictures.  The pictures are great (if I do say so myself); but what I learned about one of my children is even better.  Swimmer was a whole different child this time.  He was natural, fun, silly, enjoyable.  He was easy-going and relaxed.  He looks so much happier.  He is really coming along.  He’s more confident, witty, everything.  I’m sure you won’t get all this from these pictures.  But if you saw the several hundred I went through, I think you might, especially if you could compare the last two sets of pictures we’ve done.

Anyway, so these are of all three kiddos 🙂

All three edit image_3 image_8 image_7 image_2 image_6 image_1 image image_4image_10 image_11 image (2) image_1 (2) image_2 (2) image_3 (2) image_4 (2) image_5 (2) image_6 (2) image_7 (2) image_8 (2)


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