CrossFit Progress is AWESOME :)

Okay, so I stopped blogging EVERY workout.  I am going 4 days per week, usually taking off Wednesday or Thursday.  My son doesn’t usually take off a weekday.  My daughter usually takes off Wed or Thurs, the opposite of me.

So this weekend, we cleaned out our storage room (the last foster kids had 16 boxes of stuff CPS told us to “do something with” plus all our own stuff, needing to organize kid clothes before we get another child who probably will need clothing, etc).  While doing so, I found my bathing suit.  Of course, I decided that I needed pics to compare with my last swim suit pics.  The difference was absolutely amazing!  I’m so glad I did that!  One day, I’ll post pics; I just want my “current” pic to be half decent first.

Okay, so this morning’s workout showed me some real progress also:

  •  During warm-up, J, the trainer, was so happy we were doing all our pull-ups on the bar.  She didn’t care how many bands it took us to do so!  So my first goal is to get to all 10 without the red band.  Then I’m going to try to drop down to less helpful bands.  It’ll be a long time, I’d guess, til my pull-ups are unassisted.  
  • During the WOD, I did some actual box jumps, not just step-ups, also (the first one holding my daughter’s hands “just in case” to get a feel for it).  Pretty cool, huh?  
  • Post-workout was 1000m row.  I liked that one because I noticed that I now have my time a FULL minute faster!  The first time I remember trying for was 3min 30 seconds per 500m.  As I rowed, I’d try to stay very close to that.  Now I try to stay under 2min 45sec for 500m.  And I did throughout the row!

So progress is good.

I do want to share something to other people who may be obese when they start CrossFit.  I’m not proud of this; but I wish someone would have told me.  However, it is kinda gross, so those of you who have always been decently fit, probably want to stop here and call it a day.

That was your warning.

Stop now if you don’t want or need the “issues of the obese” part of this discussion.

Okay, I’m assuming anyone still reading is duly warned 🙂

So one issue with losing weight is the sag of skin, fat rolls, etc.  It just is a fact of life for those of us who are obese.  It can be worked on naturally, but it’ll take time.  In the meantime, we have these “flaps.”  Sometimes, people with “flaps” find that they have more issues such as yeast growth.  For that, apple cider vinegar and coconut oil are good natural ways to take care of it.

But last week, I had an additional issue.  Getting off the back extension machine, I ripped my skin, under “the womanly pooch” in two places.  I had gotten my “flap” caught on it before, but nothing like this.  It was SO bad.  It really hurt.  I used some ointment on it to help it heal; but I really wanted to find some way not to get caught up on it again.  What I ended up doing was using one of those panty tummy tuckers.  A cheapy one from Walmart will work.  Make sure it is a little tight though.  Anyway, that holds the flap closer to your body.  It also makes it more solid so that you can slide on it rather than getting it hung up on things.

Again, I know it isn’t a nice aspect of the situation to talk about.  However, it is my reality and no doubt is the reality of many other obese people as they start to get more fit.  This is just a fix I found.


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