The last few days

So, it has been a busy few days.  Maybe I should go backwards in saying what has happened.

So Sunday, my throat was killing me.  I can see how honey and apple cider vinegar *should* help; but I’m not convinced it *did.*  I tried to nap, but my hubby’s snoring and worrying about my ____ (fill in blank after reading about Saturday) didn’t help.

Saturday evening, I took all five kids with me to pick up my new puppy!  A female German Shepherd we’ve named Heidi!  She is precious!  I am absolutely amazed how incredibly smart she is.  She already has the idea of pottying outside.  She went from being dragged by the leash to a pretty good walk for such a little lady.  She is learning what to chew on and what not to (she has a very strong chew need).  During the day, she sleeps in this cubby made by the ottoman and chair pillows.  At night, I used the decorative pillows to help section off a cubby on the bed (with two walls and my body making the other sides). There is some discussion of where she may sleep when she is completely potty trained.  Hmmmm.  I think that if *I* do the work, I get to keep the dog!


Anyway, Heidi was basically an anniversary gift.  My hubby is a bit leery of getting animals due to how things were when he grew up.  Basically, no one wanted to take care of them so didn’t.  He doesn’t want to live in the results as an adult.  Go figure.

Note:  Saturday was our anniversary.  Honestly, we don’t do a whole lot for our anniversary.  We’re glad we’re married; but since we did things in the wrong order (had a couple kids first), there seems little reason to worry about a date a couple years later (we’ve only been legally married 17 years).  We do use it as the base for our family day celebrations.  Since it comes after income tax money gets here and as the whether is changing, it seems a good time for a celebration.  This year, the celebration is April 6th.  We’ve invited family members to join us.  The kids have enjoyed picking out gifts for everyone.

Saturday morning was Tumbler’s second to last competition of the season.  She did very well.  She got the top score for her level (9.3) on vault.  She got the top score for floor (9.4).  Most importantly was that she nailed a certain skill on the bars.  Bars are really hard for her.  I think it is more fear than anything.  At least that is my guess.  Coach thinks after conditioning this summer, she’ll be fine on the bars.  I think so too (if she doesn’t get it before because typically once she decides to, she does well).  Since she hasn’t even been in gymnastics a full year yet, I can’t imagine worrying about too much.  She’s making fine progress, IMO. Anyway, so individually she did well.  Her team took first place 🙂

Wednesday and Friday mornings we did CrossFit, of course. We now usually do the warm up that is posted for everyone.  Friday mornings, that is “active warm up” which everyone does together, not at their own speed.  They have to, of course, be able to warm up even the most fit, so we typically stink at it.  LOL  I did learn from this that I can’t jump AT ALL.  I’m gonna work on that.  They did give me some pointers that helped immediately.  Anyway, workouts…

Friday – Wall Balls (we only had 50 while everyone else had 150), 180 jumprope, 15 dips and 15 pull-ups (they were supposed to be muscle-ups for those who could do those).  Post-WOD was 90 sit-ups (it was 150 for those who could).

Wednesday – Three rounds of Row or Run (we rowed twice and ran the last one), 21 kettlebell swings, and 12 pull-ups.

Oh, at CrossFit Friday, I showed Cliff pics of my progress so far.  He was amazed and showed the other coaches.  He said it isn’t normal to be able to *see* such a big difference so quickly.  Weird.  I about fell over when I saw the tape measure.  Crazy good results.  I’ll post on here after I get down a bit more.  I want my after to be pretty cool before I do, not just good progress.

There was something else I wanted to add; but I don’t remember what.  I’ll add it later if I remember 🙂



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