WOD and T-Lo

These two things, today, so seem to go together!

So this morning, we decided to wait til 9am to go to the Box.  The primary reason was so we could finish CrossFit, go to the store quickly, then get to swim lessons.  That way, we made on trip to that town, rather than multiple trips.

So the WOD.  We did what everyone else did today!  Shuttle-Run

Okay, so that may be an overstatement.  We did their warm-up; that was the easy part (though I don’t think I thought that at the time).  THEN, we did the WOD!  Now, I will say that we didn’t look anything like they did.  We used easier weights (kettle balls 35 and 45 pounds instead of bars).  And I can’t run like a normal person, much less a fit normal person.  But for the entire time, I did the deadlifts then the running, slowing down only to get a quick swish of water (I usually use a cough drop or something so my mouth doesn’t get so dry I feel I’m choking; but I forgot this morning).

Sooooooo, we go to the store, got lots of produce, a little meat.  We’ll go later in the week for some more meat.

Then we go to swimming.  T-lo was dancing around something crazy before class.

T-lo pool

As the other class let out, I called him to me and warned him that I expected him to mind and follow the rules, that I *would* pull him out (which he knows as it was this time last year when I had to pull him out because he was just way too dysregulated to handle lessons). After I said it, I wished I had been more positive. It’s just that he is driving me nuts these days with his behaviors and I…I just didn’t feel positive about how he’d do today.

Well, he blew me out of the water.  First, he got a private lesson as the other students didn’t show.  I knew that his friend, T, wouldn’t be there as I had asked his mom at gymnastics Thursday and she said they were taking the week off.  But the other two people didn’t show either.  This was probably extra good for T-lo today.  He wasn’t as distracted and didn’t see other kids pushing limits.  And of course he stayed busy which was nice.

T-lo is a bit “spastic.”  He has very low tone and has some genetic disorder we decided not to pursue (Dr. in genetics department felt it  wouldn’t make a real difference for what we’d do and I went along with not doing further testing though sometimes I wonder if I made the right choice).  Many weeks, both before, and this time around, he would be in the water, held by the instructor with his knees bent so his feet stuck out of the water with little real arm movement and a big toothy “smile.”  He didn’t really do anything.  He wasn’t really able to.

But today was so different.  He swam halfway across the “box” without her holding on.  He floated on his back without her holding on!  And on the last try of rolling from back to front, he made it with little help!  He was excited about getting rings off the bottom of the pool.  He jumped in without hesitating.  Seriously, is this the same kid who was in this class last week?  He was so proud.  He got a ribbon also (we put the ribbons on their doors).

Really neat stuff.

Well, so other things we did today:

  • We forgot the fire marshal was coming to do an inspection that we ended up not needing.  Thankfully, he was running late so called so we had a few minutes to finish up lunch and get the house cleaned up a little.  One thing we teach each child when they come here is that the goal in our home is to have the house within 20 minutes of clean.  We figure anyone that stops in on us doesn’t really care if we are “that messy.”  And anyone else is going to give us 20+ minutes.  So making sure we stay within 20 minutes of clean allows us a lot of freedom and lack of stress.   Today, it took us just under 15 minutes to get done what we wanted to get done.
  • Tumbler went to CrossFit Kids.  They warmed up and then did a similar WOD as we did.  Good.  LOL
  • We made sausage and sweet potato hash for supper.  Tumbler and T-lo both liked it and got a little extra.  Swimmer wasn’t thrilled with it.  Kimber and I both liked it.  John put hot sauce on it and was fine.
  • I let the kids jump off the half-wall in the living room.  Though I told them that we weren’t going to do it when Daddy got home, they, of course, told him first thing and wanted to show him.  I also told them they wouldn’t be doing it if we took anymore foster kids.  We are a bit more careful then.

So it was a full, good day.  I’m going to go to bed early then go work out at 6:30 tomorrow morning.  We’ll have a full school day even though it is spring break.  The speech therapist comes out for T-Lo also.  I want to get a nap as we have the meeting tomorrow night (and John has a part).  This time change is hard on me.  I was ready for bed before the kids went!


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