Kids and Thursday

Kimber:  Swimmer said not to tell you because you told him not to tell me that you took a drink of my soda.

None of y’all are very good at keeping secrets, at least not the innocent kinds.

Anyway, so Thursday, John and I went to CrossFit. We did our basic warm-up.  John was able to do the pull ups with band help!  YAY! He also did some of the dips with band help.  YAY!  I have to say that the warm-up no longer kicks my booty 🙂

We did the LifeFit WOD (I think it may have been the 8th, but not sure):

  • 12 ball slams
  • 4 shuttle runs
  • 8 ball slams
  • 3 shuttle runs
  • 4 ball slams
  • 2 shuttle runs
  • 30 double-unders (but we don’t know how to do them so just did regular jump)
  • 2 minute rest

Let me say now that we rested more like 3½ minutes at the end and had several 10-30 second seconds through the two rounds of the above.  Though it was much more cardio than I’m used to (stinks, but truth, right?) and was hard in the moment, I actually felt really good leaving the gym.  I also felt like I most certainly could manage our day afterwards (something I don’t always feel, especially on a busy day).

We got home, got ready, and left.

We took John to college.

Then we went to homeschool day at the ZOO!!!!!  YAY!

It was a lot of fun.  The kids did really well. They loved all the animals.  We talked about there are a few ways to get to know God and one of those ways is by observing/experiencing creation.

Favorite animals:

  • Tumbler – flamingo and zebra
  • Swimmer – elephant and crocodile
  • T-lo – hippos and snake
  • Kimber – white tiger
  • Mama – river otters

Here are a few pics of the kids:

20130307_102946-1 20130307_120730-1 (1) photo (4)

photo (3)I put this last because we were walking down this and all of a sudden I hear my five year old say, “more wild animals!” Uh, yeah.  Did you know he could read that?


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