Pi Day

March 14th is π Day, Pi Day*.

I’m letting you know early so you can plan to celebrate 🙂

So our first decision was to have pie on Pi Day.  We’ve not done that before, for whatever reason.  So we are this year.  So that means we need to 314pieplan a trip to Whole Foods because my daughter has her heart on a certain one, a gluten free one.  I’m thinking we’ll have pizza (pie) also.  The kids didn’t understand this at first; but I explained how in some places, pizza is called pizza pie.

The second celebratory thing is that each person will learn the digits of pi.  The kids (4, 5, & 7) are doubling their ages to find out how many digits after the decimal to learn.  I already know 15 so I’m thinking of doing my age (under 40, barely).  My daughter’s goal is 40 (twice her age).  My oldest son is abstaining (for now.  Really, he has an amazing number memory so I can’t imagine he’s going to listen to us for the next ten days and *not* learn a good number of it).

Our Pi Day math will be less about π as my kids are quite young, but we can do adding/subtracting, patterns, sorting, etc.  We’ll just use pies and pi symbols to do it with.  We can play with balls and the hula hoop.  We can do a few art projects (like all circle animals and/or collages).

Okay, but one awesome thing we’re doing for the next ten day is singing these songs: http://www.teachpi.org/music.htm .  See, we don’t “do” Christmas (a topic for other posts).  The music is pretty catchy though, doncha think?  So now we have new words to put to y’all’s favorite carols!  Too bad Christmas and Pi Day aren’t in the same month!

BTW, my husband, who is not the math geek I am has dared me to go caroling next week.  He wonders how many math teachers I can get to join me.  Hmmmmm.

Anyway, I hope everyone has a very Happy Pi Day 🙂


*note:  March 14th is 03/14 and π is 3.14


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