RP from OB

I used to have another blog.  I felt that blog no longer represented us as a family.  Additionally, I didn’t want faces attached to certain things that happened; yet I wanted to share my children more fully.  So, I’ve started this new blog.  But there are still some things from the old blog I think relevant to our lives, who we are, how we do things, what we’ve been through, etc.  So I am going to copy some of the posts over here when I feel like doing so.  I will put them all in one category (though some will be in more than one category).  I’m thinking when I name them, I’ll use OB (for old blog) in the title. I may do slight edits for some of them.  These edits will be to put a name where there was a nickname, to remove names altogether, to edit out certain examples, whatever.


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