Swept Away

Sometimes dreams are so obvious even without being regarding the subject matter you know it is about.

It is pouring down rain.  In no time at all, the yard is flooded.  The water keeps rising.  Soon it is up to the windows on the house, ours raised up on pillars.  I look out the window, over the water, and see the storage building (very large shed) almost covered with rushing water.  It collapses into the water, sweeping our stuff out into the neighborhood and beyond.  Books, personal items just GONE.

My alarm went off.  I turn it off and roll back over.  The next part of the dream had to do with shopping and feeling desperate.  Basically, it was like I had to go on despite being so terribly upset over the loss of a lifetime (of stuff as far as the dream was).

Tomorrow morning, at 5am, my littlest daughter, a sweet toddler I’ve loved as my own, seriously thinking she would be a forever member of our family, will leave our home, get on an airplane, and fly across the country.  The system is a force too strong for us to fight.  Like the stuff swept away in my dream, it isn’t best for my little girl.  I realize that they can’t take our memories and the foundation we gave Little M; but taking HER is a loss I can barely fathom right now.  And as much as I can imagine hurts like crazy.

My heart and mind won’t even give me peace in sleep 😦


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