Fish is a Side Sleeper

Yes, my fish is a side sleeper.  Seriously.  Eeyore prefers to sleep at the bottom of the tank.  Diego prefers to sleep at the top.

I have a really big problem with this.  Every time I pass them, especially Diego, I think he is DEAD!

diego eeyore

Okay, so we have two Betta fish.  The blue one’s name is Eeyore.  The red one’s name is Diego.  Guess who named them 🙂

We got the fish after the June 2012 court hearing for my kids.  At that hearing, the judge did two things out of the norm.  The first thing was that she ordered that the children should be homeschooled for the 2012-2013 school year.  This is weird as almost every foster child in the country MUST go to school.  There are very few exceptions.  Also, the judge said she would be there (she was a traveling judge) July 24th.  She said she would like to finalize the adoption that day.  She asked the adoption worker if she could be ready.  Adoption worker said she thought so.  This was odd because the normal procedure is for the adoption worker to get everything done, give the lawyer what he needs, and then the lawyer would set up a date with the court.  Imagine our lawyer’s surprise when they get a call from the adoption worker when nothing has been completed yet!  In fact, the lawyer’s office called me and asked if the adoption worker had made a mistake because they hadn’t heard from us in so long (our adoption process took over twice as long as it needed to and that was with the judge cutting it short.  No telling how long CPS would have dragged it out).

Well, so it was an exciting day.  Orders to homeschool.  Judge decided the adoption should happen the following month, and we got two fish who sleep on their sides (though especially Diego, sometimes Eeyore is just crooked).


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