Bubble Bubble Bubble

So as I’m thinking of this blog theme (which may change, but that is beside the point), I’m thinking of my thoughts, our family’s experiences, etc bubbling forth.  Doesn’t that sound fitting for this “fishy” theme?

So mostly, this blog is just a personal journal of sorts.  I’m hoping we can see our progress:

  • In our homeschool
  • In our fitness
  • In our spirituality
  • In our family relationships

In a way, I guess we’ll add many areas of bubbles.  Some of our bubbles may be quite small (such as losing a couple pounds).  Some of our bubbles may be quite large (such as adding another family member).

It may be that some parts of our lives, you wish you could experience with us.  Please do.  If we do a neat idea, do it too!  There may also be some discussions that don’t particularly interest you, just skip those.  Please remember, regardless, this is our family’s life.

And so we start The H Family Journal 🙂


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